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Structure theorems for actions of diffeomorphism groups


February 27, 2020      4:30 pm
Speaker: Kathrynn Mann - Cornell University

The groups of homeomorphisms or diffeomorphisms of a manifold have many striking parallels with finite dimensional Lie groups. In this talk, I'll describe some of these, and explain new work,...
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CMSA Colloquium: The Cubical Route to Understanding Groups


February 26, 2020      4:30 pm
Speaker: Daniel Wise - McGill University

Cube complexes have come to play an increasingly central role within geometric group theory, as their connection to right-angled Artin groups provides a powerful combinatorial bridge between geometry and algebra....
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Constructing multipartite Bell inequalities from stabilizers


February 25, 2020      3:30 pm
Speaker: You Zhou - Harvard University

In this work, we propose a systematical framework to construct Bell inequalities from stabilizers which are maximally violated by general stabilizer states. We show that the constructed Bell inequalities can...
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Stable pairs with a twist


February 25, 2020      3:00 pm
Speaker: Giovanni Inchiostro - Brown University

It is well known that, for pointed nodal curves, considering flat and proper families of pairs (X,D) leads to a proper moduli space. Still, while the notion of stable pairs...
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